About us

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Direct Safety System Ltd.

Upon the establishment of the company, we set the aim of providing services of the highest quality possible and with great dedication to our Contractors in the areas of occupational health and safety, fire safety, environmental protection and environmental and occupational health and safety measurements.

Responsible company management

In addition to a dynamic, controlled and continuous development, we have been committed to maintain our professional standards and to deliberately take responsibility for our environment. This is proven by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, certificates by the accreditation committees of the National Accreditation Body and our high-value liability insurance.

About us

Having obtained our degrees and gained several years’ experience at multinational and small and medium sized enterprises, we decided to use the skills we acquired to help companies reach perfect safety and environmental consciousness.

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Work with us!

If you would like to work as an EHS or fire safety expert, please send your CV to office@directsafety.hu.

Our days

Our charity activities

We have donated 50 fire extinguishing equipment to the Charity Service of the Order of Malta. Additionally, we are regular blood donors.


Occupational health and safety education as we do. We know that education is the most important step towards improving safety.

The latest winning investments

We have already started the work with a high intensity.