Our environmental protection services help our partners to fulfil their environmental protection duties and objectives.

Preparing annual and if needed quarterly reports and data provision to the environmental protection authorities (waste management, conservation of clean air, water protection, etc.

Preparing material balance based on the data provided by the Contractor. Giving initial notification and updates to the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service of the hazardous materials and compounds used and the activities performed with them.

Classifying the produced non-hazardous and hazardous waste as per the EWC (European Waste Catalogue) codes.

Regular review of the waste management plan.

Designing and reviewing the system of keeping waste management records.

Organizing, scheduling and conducting the environmental protection measurements that become necessary during the operation.

Preparing requests for necessary permits, renewing already possessed permits and coordinating the authorization procedure (waste management, air protection, water rights establishment). Renewing the pollution prevention and control permits, IPPC permits about to be expired and preparing requests for permit modification (conducting environmental protection reviews).

Liaising with the environmental protection authorities.

Legal counselling on environmental protection and related matters.

Assessing the environmental protection situation of the company and making recommendations on the measures necessary to satisfy the conditions of environmental protection law in force and about to be entered in force.

Monitoring environmental protection legislation and continuous briefing on changes.

Participating and actively engaging in the site visit (announced in advance) of the environmental protection authorities. Preparing environmental protection rules and regulations.