Preparing lifting technology plan

Pursuant to the Decree No. 47 of 1999 by the Ministry of Economy, lifting plan or lifting technology plan shall be prepared. When preparing plans, we take into consideration not only regulations, but corporate safety policy instructions of each field are also reviewed and applied.

Designing and installing security systems

We possess a high amount of portable fences and a detailed and tested entry protocol. In addition to occupational health and safety, the security field is also developing in an organic manner since good safety can be reached only with supporting security.

Conducting on-the-spot quality control

From the construction industry to the manufacturing, in addition to HSE tasks we also support our partners in conducting on-the-spot quality control (technical checks). Although DSS is specialized in occupational health and safety, thanks to our technical experts we have been improving our unit dealing with quality control.

Preparing as-built documentation

Starting from the planning phase of investments and projects, we organically join the project cycle. Our technical experts not only conduct quality control, but they also prepare as-built documentation upon project closure.

Preparing the quality plan of technological investments

When planning an investment or project, quality plan or quality assurance plan should be prepared in which the rules of thumb are defined. We help identify these rules in terms of material, technology, human resources, machine/equipment, etc. and naturally of HSE (occupational health and safety, fire safety and environmental protection).

Preparing BCP

BCP or business continuity plan is one of the key documents of companies that is influenced by occupational health and safety, fire safety, environmental protection and disaster management and is aimed at supporting production and business continuity. Our company is a leading actor of HSE services and thanks to our complex experience we have been commissioned multiple times by our partners to prepare BCP.